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After a creative summer of rethinking what is all about we are happy to announce our brand new catalogue, featuring a redesigned look and layout. As our front page motto ‘Living the Light’ suggests, this catalogue invites you to experience lighting in an extensive and lively way.

Our aim was to accentuate our luminaries in a colorful variety of homely interiors, giving them space to unfold and blend into their natural context. The architectural surroundings thereby accompany and highlight the naturalistic light, sophisticated technology and timeless design of products in just the right way.

Furthermore, we optimized the catalogue’s direction for a more intuitive and clear navigation. Product families are now sorted alphabetically and we added product detail summaries, which allow to easily compare different types and light effects. Redesigned icons let the photographs take center stage.

In the download area you can also find a digital version.

We hope that paging through ‘Living the Light’ will give you as much joy and inspiration as we felt in creating it.

Your team