May we introduce? Curling, the latest addition to the collection. First shown at Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Curling was already a favourite among planers and architects.

This comes at little surprise taking into account that the glass-bodied luminaire was created with a background of over three decades of engaging with light and form. Since the founding of the company, Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf’s fascination for the phenomenon of light has nothing but grown. It is the richness of experience combined with an inexhaustible curiosity for the possibilities of light that accounts for’s unparalleled capability to produce ever new, innovative and contemporary luminaries – Curling being the best example. Fitted with precisely shaped inserts, various glass finishings and types of suspension, Curling is turned into a compelling design highlight. Thanks to its simplified formal features, Curling can appear classically elegant, modern and minimalist or expressive and sophisticated depending on the way it is used.

Curling – Redefining, what a ceiling luminaire can be.

Curling_640x450px_01 Curling_640x450px_02 Curling_640x900px