When it comes to an exceptional home for serien luminaries, you will find it at Frank Landau. His unique collection of antique furniture combined with modern techology looks so surprisingly natural as if this connection has always existed. One Eighty in the spot version adds clear and precise light to the kitchen ensemble and Annex Ceiling in opal design provides for smooth illumination of a calm living area.

In order to capture Annex Crystal’s light accents thrown on walls and ceilings in the bathroom, our photographer even resorted in ceiling heights.

In the afternoon, she will furthermore document the soft light that shines through the shade made of smocked wild silk of the floor lamp Gentle Floor in the dining area. Poppy Floor in the three-and five-armed light version will be on display in the final photo setting. The floor lamps spread cheerful light spots on the family linen in the bedroom through heat-sensitive bimetal parts which expand in a manner similar to the burst of buds.

All images shot by Farideh Diehl will be first printed in our main catalog. Watch out for it – It’s coming soon.