Following our claim Living the Light is all about your personal home and living environment. We create lighting solutions that integrate smoothly into your interior and provide even, atmospheric light for everyday use. Hence, our products are known for their clean design language and high quality in material and product development. Add to that our passion for innovation and you should get a pretty good idea why we are so excited about REEF LED – this new product family perfectly balances comfort and conzyness with high-end lighting technology.
You got the chance to visit us at Light + Building 2014? Well, then you could already see for yourself how Reef LED’s exciting new features add an extra level of quality and sophistication. A newly developed fixture of the delicate ceramic foam shades provides for even more comfort and ease in your everyday interaction with Reef LED. Hold in place by means of an elegant, spring-mounted bayonet lock, the shade can now be mounted and demounted in a breath – whether you would like to clean a shade or replace it. Just like REEF Halogen, REEF LED is available as a wall, table or suspension luminaire.
Living The Light
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