The luminaire family Annex stems from a deep appreciation of light and form. Created by Uwe Fischer in close collaboration with, it has been logically advanced: The ceiling mounted luminaire Annex now comes in an LED version.

Annex LED Ceiling is available in the size medium (M) and equipped with built-in LED lamps CoB 13W or CoB 24W. The small light diodes only require roughly a quarter of the energy of halogen bulbs while producing the same output, are hard-wearing, generate considerably less heat and as they have a much higher service life than customary energy-saving bulbs they need to be changed less often. Annex LED Ceiling is equipped with an innovative standardized replacement system, which enables an easy replacement of the LED unit when necessary. Furthermore, the glass shade of Annex LED Ceiling can easily be mounted without any tool thanks to a new bayonet joint.

The LED version is particularly suited for use where a ceiling luminaire is to softly enhance an area and provide an attractive basic light: in a corridor, or foyer, in a staircase or waiting zone, in an entrance area, in kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to its long service life of the light source Annex LED is also an excellent choice for commercial property.

Annex LED Ceiling M is available in four versions: opaque flashed glass or clear glass with aluminum reflector, opal acrylic reflector or faceted crystal glass reflector. Our Quicklink takes you directly to Annex Ceiling and further details.

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