Hospitality since 1400 years
the monastery Disentis

The retreat and cultural centre Kloster Disentis offers a retreat in an inspiring environment that provides peace and quiet and the necessary vision.

The 40 new, stylishly furnished 4-star hotel rooms in the monastery’s baroque building provide heavenly hours of sleep. The light spruce wood and south-facing windows create a friendly atmosphere, and the view of the mountains makes your heart beat faster.

Finely lit and well bedded, you will experience a restful stay.

CaseKlausur- Und Kulturzentrum Kloster DisentisLocationDisentis/Mustér CHContractorBenediktiner Kloster DisentisArchitectTimon ReichleLight Plannermartin-nievergelt.comCollection ProductsANNEX Ceiling M, ANNEX Ceiling SYear2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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