Das Goethequartier – light for Offenbach

The Goethequartier in Offenbach am Main with 327 apartments encloses the greened and traffic-free inner areas of the property on a former factory site on an area of 1.8 ha/m². The broad diversity of flats, ranging from 2- to 5-room flats, is tailored to different target groups; some of the rental flats are made available for subsidised housing. The quarter extends over 40,000 m² of residential and commercial space and makes an important contribution to the urban development of Offenbach.

We illuminated all staircases, generous terraces and balconies and the bathrooms in the flats. The architecture bears the signature of the Landes & Partner office from Frankfurt.

CaseGoethequartierLocationOffenbach DEContractorDie WohnkompanieArchitectLandes & Partner http://www.landes-partner.deCollection Products472 CURLING Ceiling M acrylic, 487 LID Wall gold, 455 CRIB Wall blackYear2020PhotographyChristoph Lison

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