The End of a year is also always a time of reflection. With curiosity of what the future might bring, and looking back on past events.

This year, looks back on a 30-year success story. But did you actually know, where everything began? Not far away from the present headquarter, at the University of Art and Design (HfG) in Offenbach am Main.

It is also the place, where I am studying today. Hi, my name is Anna and I work for, while studying to become a product designer as well.

Just recently I found out, that there are two luminaires by Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf, at the University, which are still in use. 30 years after their graduation. Two pieces from the early days of REFLEX.

They fit surprisingly well into the old staircase from 1910 and build a really nice bridge between the historic building and modern art works of the students.

Building bridges between the old and new and to learn from the past – maybe even to gain a little strength from it, for the future and maybe even some future success stories, is certainly something I would like to take with me, from this year. You have to know the past, to form the future.

In this sense: a bright future and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Living the Light!

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