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1 transporter, 3 employees , 33 luminaires, 16 square meters of exhibition space, several rounds of espresso, a few hours of sweaty construction work and a lot of attention to the detail – and the temporary exhibition at the lighting shop ‚Licht im Raum‘ in Düsseldorf finally lights up!

Wether it is in the illumination of a synagogue, the layout of a fair booth, the design of a studio or such a special exhibition: in the end it’s always about to turning lighting into a full-body experience. For it is only in the interplay of space planning, interior design and lighting that the atmospheric effect of a luminaire becomes noticeable. Being able to adapt playfully to different interior situations is a top priority at Depending on the use of space, interior style or desired atmosphere the luminaries can be moved, bent, pulled apart or equipped with colored bulbs. When it comes to aesthetics it is all about minimalist elegance, high-quality materials and clean shapes – but please judge for yourself: browsing the website, visiting a retailer in your area or at the next special exhibition.

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