On 14 November 2023, the jury awarded our SLICE² PI Ceiling luminaire the prestigious Focus Open design prize in gold in the lighting category. Manfred Wolf accepted the award from State Secretary Dr Patrick Rapp in Stuttgart in the evening.


You can see the entire award ceremony with Manfred Wolf’s interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnF2z2mns4I

A formally very discreet ceiling luminaire with a perfectly crafted, extremely homogeneous lighting effect and a flat design. The indirect light component illuminates the ceiling area directly around the luminaire and changes the spatial effect. The installation principle is also remarkably simple.

The Design Centre Baden-Württemberg describes the luminaire in its book of award winners as follows:

‘Formally reduced to a minimum, the luminaire impresses with its lighting concept. This is because the LED modules integrated into the circumferential housing ring couple their light laterally into the microprismatic plane, from where it is deflected downwards – homogeneously and glare-free, regardless of location.

The simple design allows the luminaire to be used in almost all architectural contexts. Added to this are the low installation height and the option of additionally brightening up the ceiling area with an indirect light component.
The luminaire is installed in two steps: First, the housing section with the electronics is attached to the ceiling, followed by the actual, self-contained luminaire disc. The electrical contacts are also connected using a bayonet catch.