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Like a dream

Serien Lighting creates dreamlike lighting moods with reduced design and indirect light.

The writer Jules Renard once said: “Dreams are the moonlight of thoughts. “Just as the moon reflects the sunlight, our dreams often mysteriously reflect what we have consciously thought. At the same time, when walking in the moonlight, everything appears mysterious and magical – as if in a dreamscape. This soft, contemplative quality of light is used by the “Reflex²” luminaire series by Serien Lighting. Thanks to a prismatic surface that reflects the light, it provides absolutely glare-free room lighting even at full light output. The light is reflected by the integrated prismatic surface to the same basic extent, which also allows for effective use on dark colours. In addition, the luminaires can be fitted with different coloured reflectors. In addition to the “Reflex² Ceiling” luminaire, the “Reflex² Floor” uplighter with its filigree frame provides glare-free light in offices, private rooms or in the contract sector. In 2021, the luminaire family will be joined by the “Reflex² Wall” models – naturally with the same reduced aesthetics.

Image 1: Contemplative: the indirect light of the “Reflex²” luminaires luminaires also provides dark backgrounds for intensive lighting moods.

Graceful: the minimalist Reflex² Floor” ceiling washlight is available in available in white or black.