With the new “REFLEX²”, is thinking ahead with its successful “REFLEX” model – interpreted in a modern way and technologically adapted to today’s requirements. The new design detaches itself from the closed body of the classic luminaire, takes up its edges and deliberately limits itself to a clear, fine frame structure. In this rigid construction, the manufacturer has used well hidden LED boards that shine onto a prismatic reflector surface in the mounting base -©so effective lighting conditions are created regardless of corner condition and colour, even on dark ceilings. Depending on the height of the room, the customer can choose different heights of the “REFLEX²” and choose between the aluminium frame structure in the classic colours white or black. Due to the luminaire’s own ceiling reflector, which is available in various coatings, “REFLEX²” works on the principle of indirect lighting. At full light output, this model from thus guarantees completely free light, which can be controlled digitally by combining it with the “DALI” and “CASAMBI” technical attachments. At the customer’s request, the “CASAMBI” module can be integrated into models – a wide range of functions, from dimming to grouping lights, can then be controlled via the “CASAMBI” app on the move.

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