Lighting collections by

Angular or round, extensive or linear? When it comes to the new luminaire collections by, one no longer has to decide on a preference because here one finds a play on different geometries. This not only results in an interesting appearance but also allows the ceiling luminaires to be used universally – whether in bathrooms, living areas or hallways! The luminaires really always cut a good figure in a wide variety of rooms. Reflex2 (large photograph) plays with indirect light. In a filigree frame construction, LED boards are integrated which emit their light onto a reflector surface. The latter has micro-structuring which softly scatters the light it reflects. It is available in a matte version as well as coated in white, silver and light golden. Thus the desired lighting design can be planned independent of the colour of the respective ceiling and its quality. The choice of colours and dimensions of the frame allows for additional variety. The Draft luminaire (small photograph), on the other hand, combines direct and indirect lighting. The conical, matte internal reflector – integrated in a transparent sphere – produces soft light scattering towards the sides and directed light downward. Since Draft can be installed right on the ceiling as well as suspended on a wire rope into the room, here as well the final appearance of the luminaire meets the individual needs. The light intensity as well is similarly  controlled: both collections can be dimmed for comfort.