We are delighted: serien.lighting is among the renowned, design-focused German companies presented in this year’s edition Unmistakable. Masterly. The major German brands. The publication is edited by the German Design Council, one of the leading international centers of expertise for design, which provides industry with a unique forum for the interdisciplinary transfer of brand and design competence. The fourth volume of this successful series presents outstanding German brands supplemented by articles in which well-known figures discuss topics such as “Brands as ambassadors” and “German brands worldwide”.

‘Living the Light’ – our claim is an apt description of the attitude that defines our work and the foundation for the firm’s authenticity. We have redesigned our brand and now position our products as the focal point of home environments. The natural quality of light, cutting-edge technology and timeless design merge into a vibrant harmony.

We have already received the German Brand Award 2016 Gold for the consistent implementation of this new brand image. The inclusion of serien.lighting in this year’s volume featuring top German brands is further confirmation of our excellent achievement. Drawing on the originality of our luminaires and brand, together with the development of innovative design solutions, which showcase light in all its aspects, we will continue to meet future challenges and reinforce our position as an exemplary, future-oriented company.



Die großen deutschen Marken 2016


Curling Ceiling in: Die großen deutschen Marken