By relying on innovative technology and an intelligent structure the formally reduced LED cube reveals the full power within. One special highlight: the double-layered front surface, which not only gives rise to optical depth and a sculptural quality, but also opens up unimagined creative scope, making App more than just an energy-efficient light source. Even the range of standard fronts available extends from different textured surfaces to restrained satin colors to mirrored surfaces and those with visual effects. Or you can order your own personal version… Indeed, the possibilities for customized solutions with individual front surfaces and prints are virtually endless. In this way App is able to transport information, logos, room names and numbers or a firm’s corporate design by means of its company colors as desired, thus serving as a potential information carrier, guidance system and design element: whether in a row, a graphic or an abstract arrangement, in private interiors, hotels, hospitals, practices, office spaces, corridors, foyers or stairwells.

• Two powerful, replaceable LED plates provide intense symmetrical light dispersed upwards and downwards and softly diffused sideways light, entirely glare-free.
• Front surface purely decorative, with no influence on the ambient light, owing to an opaque backing plate.
• Fronts available in various standard versions, special finishings in all common PLEXIGLAS 3 mm plates and with foil prints.
• Efficient cooling body on the back of the luminaire guarantees heat dissipation.

App – Intelligent light. Creative diversity! Now available.

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