Handsome new addition to the One Eighty family: We have successfully expanded the program by some attractive spot variations and thus made it even more versatile.

In addition to the already successful One Eighty spot for wall and ceiling, the spot version is now available as a pendant. It is perfectly suitable as a single lamp as well as arranged in a sequence – for example over dining tables and sideboards.

You can choose between different fixed cable lengths or stageless height adjustment by hand. Formally, the two versions differ only by its canopies: The one of the height-adjustable version is conically shaped whereas the one of the fixed length version is formally based on the head. For even more flexible use both models are also available with busbar adapter.

A halogen lamp 75 W/GU10 (angle 50 °, 2800 Kelvin) or an LED Spot 6 W/GU10 (angle 25 °, 2700 Kelvin) provide for precise illumination.
All new versions – just like the rest of One Eighty family – are available either in brushed aluminum or with a black or white finish contrasting the shiny trim rings.

Let us introduce the new members of the family:
One Eighty Suspension Spot (pendant lamp with variable fixed lengths)
One Eighty Suspension Spot Adjustable (suspension lamp with stageless height adjustment)
One Eighty Suspension Spot Track (pendant lamp with variable lengths for fixed-rail)
One Eighty Suspension Spot Track Adjustable (pendant light with stageless height adjustment for fixed-rail)

By the way, the name “One Eighty” is of mathematical origin. As the product of a multiplication it refers to the refined metal joint of the wall and ceiling versions, which opens a pan range of 2 x 90 degrees! The fact that it can also rotate 350 degrees remains unrevealed, but is definitely worth to be mentioned.

Learn more about One Eighty via the quick link to the product family!