Dreamy evenings under the pergola, barbecue parties, relaxation in a lounge chair, a nighttime swim in the pool: No matter how late,  Slant Floor submerges your summer evenings in atmospheric light like no other outdoor lamp does. Of course IP44 compliant. Likewise at daytime, Slant Floor is a true eye-catcher due to its impressive shape.

With its remarkable size, Slant Floor is made ​​for spacious rooms both indoors and outdoors, for patio, garden and balcony. Even rough terrain is not a problem for Slant floor. It stands on three spots made of brushed stainless steel.

The simple structure already suggests that the big, shadow-free-lit screen can easily be tilted and swiveled separately. This allows to direct the light exactly where it is desired. If you wish, the screen can be furthermore modified with a washable white or black and white patterned fabric cover. Those are available as an optional accessory and can be simply slipped over the screen.

In the “event” version, Slant Floor has a special, shortened foot without tilt function – even safer with bustle and hustle. By the way, Slant Floor cannot only donate beautiful light, but even communicate messages: Upon request, Slant Floor event is delivered with a custom-printed slipcover.

And when summer ends and temperatures drop, simply take Slant Floor inside with you for atmospheric light at cozy winter evenings.

Slant Floor 09