Almost 30 years after its founding, is still a firmly established player in the field of technically and design-wise ambitious luminaires. Repeatedly we give new impetus to the market with designs that bring together elaborate lighting solution, new technologies and design innovations. For the development of our novelties we take the liberty to decelerate: Only when the perfect combination between light, technology and design is identified and the developed luminaire simply cannot be advanced further or changed, we bring it to the market. This way we ensure that our enthusiasm for the future of the light comes alive with each and every of our products.



The success of began with the technically functional yet elegant luminaires that Manfred Wolf and Jean-Marc da Costa created while at the Offenbach College of Design: “Lift”, “Reflex”, “Quadrat”, “Status” and “Status Wand”, first presented at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 1985, convinced the expert audience with their minimal forms and maximum light effect. Every design is the result of an intensive exploration of light, technology and design. Only six months later, the designs were already available at more than 30 dealers.



In the following decades, has repeatedly given new impetus to the luminaire design sphere: The “SML” line, as a minimalist and precise modular system soon become a favorite among architects. “Reef” was one of the first luminaires to use the unusual texture of foamed ceramic for a lamp shade – and “Poppy” uses bi-metal to have the shade open and close with the heat of the lamp. “Take Five”, “Zoom” or “Twin” all use the concertina principle for surprising new solutions regarding the matter of adjustability. “Elane” boasts an arm that introduced a perfectly flowing, almost acrobatically angled line into space. With its custom-developed reflector and fading technique, “Slice” brings glare-free light into the office space. A new kind of joint mechanism allows for a high level of variability with “One Eighty”. And “Annex” has finally found a compelling shape and lighting solution for a central ceiling mounting in rooms that are not very high.

At it is not about serving the latest trends and having the urge to present new products at the next trade fair. “We deliberately take all the time that is needed for the development – in order to ensure that we only bring mature products to the market,” says Manfred Wolf. Each product is therefore intended as a statement, applying new technologies in a convincing manner and enduring through the decades. So the development of the idea through to the finished marketable product, a process that takes only a year in other companies, can here take several, if the duo rejects what they first design, start over, start over again, and then get the idea advanced to the point they feel it is ready to go. They chisel away at the shape until the perfect lighting effect is found, until a truly independent, contemporary form and a refined technical structure has been devised – and that simply cannot be advanced further or changed. It is not surprising that the results of this intensive exploration have won dozens of design prizes.

Today, has a line of luminaires that covers both technical and decorative light, that can form a logical part of a corporate lobby, a doctor’s surgery, or an office, not to mention a bar or a residential apartment.  It includes both the straightforward, restrained designs of the pioneering years (and they have long since become classics) and striking solo items that catch the eye in any room. They all share a combination of mature technology, well-construed shape and precise lighting effects. This synergy of light, technology and design ensures that the company’s products are more than merely sources of light: The luminaires are elaborately developed lighting solutions that stand for a love of the details, high quality, serious design work and enthusiasm for the future of light.